Phonetic Gym


Дорогие участники клуба! 

Сегодня вам предстоит непростое задание - послушать и прочитать сказку на английском. При этом важно следить за артикуляцией звуков и интонацией (паузы, фразовое ударение, движение тона). 

Для группового челленджа выбирайте небольшой кусочек - 2\3 предложения. 

Хорошего дня и продуктивной работы над произношением!


Once upon a time in a land not far from here there lived a lovely girl whose name was Cinderella. Only two years before her mother had died and her father had taken another wife who brought into the house with her two daughters of her own. They were much older than Cinderella and not a bit like her. Cinderella was fair and her sisters had dark hair, Cinderella was kind and gentle seldom thinking of herself while her stepsisters were cruel and greedy, thinking only of their own pleasure and comforts. In truth they were ugly not because they were less beautiful than Cinderella but because they were so ill-tempered and unkind. They were always shouting at her “Do this, do that. Fetch this, fetch that,” and complaining that the house was not tidy and the food not rich and plentiful enough. In fact Cinderella worked hard from the moment she got out of bed in the morning soon after dawn to the moment she laid her head on the pillow at night.